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I have had my page for a few years now and have slowly made progress through the years. I never really knew the best way to describe my business and all that it offered. Why you ask??? Well I felt a bit lost I knew from a young age what baking meant to me and the dreams I felt I wanted to achieve. My father taught me to bake at a very young age. I grew up loving it not for the bond me and him shared but for what baking resulted in. Traditions and memories. I could see how those moments could really bring up a old memory or an important time. I attended culinary school at the age of 19. I wanted this for the rest of my life to be able to make my own designs and be the person who made people have special memories. For my cakes to be in someones photo album and they have a smile knowing I was the one who helped make this moment special.That is one of the best joys I have. I want to keep this going and I have stepped away from school but taught myself how to make fondant cakes. I couldn’t go back due to money and time I didn’t have. But I read and watched videos when I could. I never gave up on my dream. I bought my business name and still want to save for a food truck. So when you do business with me I put my all into my work because it means the world to me not just another income. I hope to save money for a food truck or bakery one day.My main goal is to run the business as a non profit. I am passionate about baking but I also support our troops. I would love to work on giving a portion of money earned to Homeless Vet Shelters as well as other organizations. Coming from a military family myself I understand the courage these men and women go through to help our country. Now having a son I want to teach him never give up on his goals and  to show him what a act of kindness can do for someone else. So when you order from Christal’s Delicious Delights you are ordering timeless bakery that has been passed along generations but you are also supporting a dream that can help someone. I offer many different items but am never afraid to try something new. Hope to have your support and reach my goal. Thank you all for your support my dream.